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Jeni Be

. . . My parents would say that I have always been different. 
 I was hospitalised before I was 2 years old with severe allergies, didn’t start talking till I was 3.5, and before "on the spectrum" was something society excepted, I was labeled as sensitive, cognitively slow and hyper... or to put it in to another way, "different".

My sensitivities created problems. I struggled with one illness after another and eventually was diagnosed with M.E., suffering fatigue, depression. I had a lot of pain in my body. I followed the western medical route, until I became totally fed up with the amount of pills I was taking. The side effects they created sometimes were worse than the pain I was trying to change. I knew there had to be something else that would work for me so I trained in coaching, counselling and various hands-on alternative health techniques.  They all helped short term, but after a time, I came back to the usual cycles of pain, illness, and emotional liability. I kept searching. 

When I was diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis, I felt like I hit a wall. My functionality had deteriorated so far that I was in a wheelchair, I had to use two walking sticks, I had a care provider, and I was told I would never walk unaided again.  Then I discovered the tools of Access Consciousness and Access Bars and Body Processes and my whole life changed!  I found a way around my illness and am no longer limited by it, and I began discovering more of what else was possible for me and my body.  

I have a passion to help others and to empower them with the tools that can change their lives, so even with my own in-depth struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, I have strived to create more possibilities for others. I have worked with the MS society and created different programs for people to manage and overcome their disabling long-term illnesses. I have worked with groups, couples, families, and individuals to support them in their process.  I have worked in GP’s surgeries and hospitals.

My psychotherapy background allowed me to work and specialize with a vast array of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, grief, eating disorders, IVF, cancer, terminal illness and death. Working in a Private Hospital in the Psychiatric Unit for 5 years I taught 6-week long running programmes helping many labelled as OCD, Bipolar, manic / clinical depression and anxiety to overcome the limitations of their labels. 

All these experiences have led me to where I am now. I am so grateful for all of them. Even though it’s been a difficult path at times for me with illness, these life experiences have given me the strength and the knowing that there are other possibilities. Truly acknowledging that I am greater than any diagnosis, and that I have a joy and a gift that I can facilitate others to do the same.

Using the tools of Access Consciousness®, has given me some of the most dynamic change in my life...
… For me to acknowledge who I really am and that I have a gift to share with the world.
… That my differences are not wrong, they are actually a strength. 

If you would like to hear more about my journey or these amazing tools, I discuss them in my Introduction to Access Talks.

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