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Access X-Men

What do you know about being in the world in a different  way?

Maybe, just maybe, you are not as f*cked up as you think you are!

X- Men is the affectionate name given to the the ones of our species, that are
the kookie ones, the weird ones, the different ones, the square pegs that have always tried as they might, but will never fit into the round holes.
They just cant quite make it work !!!

If you are reading this, you may know someone like this - or maybe it's your yourself ... maybe like me, you never thought yourself as different. 

 What is it about X-Men that is the difference  you may have been asking for?

Jeni says...

Choosing to facilitate X-Men classes is something that I was always driven to do. This body of work has allowed me to choose beyond the judgement of being wrong, to choose to facilitate and create more in the world. In a nut shell, it is choosing for me  to acknowledge that I am DIFFERENT and I perceive the world in a different way.
Let me explain ...

Difference, according to the dictionary, means unlike anything else in nature, form, or quality. Difference is not an alteration of anything already existing – it is a choice to be something totally other or, well, different – not like anything else that already exists.

What if Difference is something to celebrate?

These are the X-Men classes!

Would you like to journey with me and explore all that you are and create a different world?

I know


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