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A Different View on Death and Dying  by Jeni Be

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

I found this today .. I wrote it 3 years ago and never posted it...  Today is the anniversary of my Fathers death .. one year on…  In these circumstances tears are normal, and yes I have cried a lot today. My body would love a big hug from him! A squidgy Daddys & little girl hug that I & my body misses.  A hug that says it will be all right I am here…Its ok, me and your mum have you.  It is easy to go into grief and cry and sob.. and remember what I and my body has ‘lost'. and ….with the gift of access tools, there is an allowance and space of more,  much more to be available to me … yes, there are other possibilities !!! What  is it with Grief? what Possibilities are they you might ask...  Part of  this is so totally beyond words, its energies we shut ourselves down from . Would you allow me to explore that with you ?  Well…When My Dad was still "alive" he would dismiss any of this choice beyond death as “Mumbo Jumbo”.  He firmly believed, “ when you're Dead! ...end of ! are Dead’.  It was a conversation he had many walls up against and wouldn’t receive the discussion of anything beyond his point of view. “I am a man of science” he would say. As if that determined it all. I on the other hand always was asking about the beyond, searching and seeking for whoever could shine a light on what I knew was possible, that I did not know yet how to word.   My journey is never-ending like a quest for more I continue to search to ask and to choose. I ask what is lighter beyond what we are taught told and the defined and confined view on death. When he was dying of terminal heart failure, we had a few deep discussions of possibilities beyond the normal way of thinking. We spoke of Columbus and his sailing to the ‘edge of the world” the fact that many never believed there were possibilities beyond flat earth.  We spoke about religion and the fixed beliefs that brings up,  the power of where only a certain few can “talk to the Deceased’…  He still saw anything beyond his fixed point of view  as 'mumbo jumbo’. The fear that death brings up is strange to me as I see it so much as the birth of something else.  I held his hand, a year ago when he was taking the last breath in his body, there was a fear there and also something else ...a new energy , an adventure of possibilities. As gave him some symphony of possibilities energies,  there was a sharp breath and a sigh and he left his body.  With tears running down my face I journeyed with him into a space of all infiniteness … the fear that he had, was gone, he beamed a smile and a golden glow that I have no words for… and he dispersed into a space that was so vast, I could not follow.  His ‘dead” body called me. I put my hands on it and gifted the processes I knew Gary Douglas and Dain Heer would gift. My own body howling and racking with sobs … I honoured and was grateful for all his body had given me, given him and been for all of the family.  For truth, if it wasn’t for his body,  my body would not be here :)  For 3 weeks after he died his body asked me to gift and receive energies with it. This was something that truly amazed me, this consciousness of the body, the ongoing gift of the body. I am so grateful, honoured and privileged to receive this gift of wonderment.  When both of my parents died, we continued to chat. Some may see this as my own 'mind creation'. I percieve somethng so differnt. We would chat and clear points of view, to let go of all the good, the bad, and the ugly,   EVERYTHING we created together in any life.  We asked  for all possibilities to be opened up beyond everything we have ever been, done and defined ​ourselves as.. all of us  to be open to us creating now and for the future...  I get that what we will choose to be now … will have a ripple effect on  our “lives” in 5, 50, 500 years!!! (and more)  As I sit here and write to you I am aware of my mum my dad beside me.  I don’t “see them” I perceive them.  And with that perceiving, there is the difference.  Perceive is all-encompassing without judgment of who or what they are and be. Without definition. I do not box them as they were from any life. I allow them to be whatever they choose to be,  and they in turn allow me. That perception brings a vastness of all-knowing, of who they are as beings (only on that   in that 10 seconds we all change so much when we allow it).  It brings in space beyond all judgment in this life, ( or any other life), and that my friends, is indescribable in words. ​This is such a gift.  Thank you for the tools of Access Consciousness. So as I leave you with that,  can I ask you a question...  Who or what is in your psychic space?  What can you receive from them that you are not allowing yourself to?  Thanks, Mum and Dad for all your energetic hugs that you gift me.  I am so grateful that I and my body can receive x  Jeni Be CF


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