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A Journey of Oneness

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Like 1000 galloping pink unicorns I hear the Symphony thrum !!! It vibrates through every molecule of my being, my body, my universe, "What is this? What gift is this? What way of being is this? What exploration is this? What else is available? What is my ask? What is my wonder? What is... me?

Let me not stop here. Let me go with the energetic flow, to expand and be more than I have ever been. Its beat is not linear but an ebb and a flow. A deep dive into many energies, a submission, a submersion and letting go. Being present through, and beyond all, I have defined as me. I am like a jellyfish swimming in the sea. I perceive the vastness of that oceanic space opening up like my being, expanding, and letting go any contraction, allowing, it to soften, to be, and then using this to propel me beyond all that I have journeyed before. The space of me has movement, has joy and vastness. This symphony dive is exploring, embracing the deep dark oceans of me, expanding out to the deep, vast universal space of me, the uniqueness of me, the beauty of me. It vibrates through every molecule of my being, it pulses though all of my universes. I hear the Symphony universe, "WHAT IS YOUR ASK?" If you could have anything out of this, what would it be? I perceive some whisp of energy. Just as swiftly, a vortex begins and flows through my body. My mind tries to tighten it, for a fraction of a split second, then I undefine it, I let it go. Bliss, a melting moment then I journey again moving though this space of newness. This is just a fragment of the journey, of the symphony thrum in my world. As the class draws nearer, the thrum, the march of a godzillon energies, the symphony becomes louder, and it becomes more clear what we can create together as the orchestra of possibilities. Symphony is not a journey of the one; symphony is a journey of ONENESS.


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